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Financial Independence/Retire Early

Welcome to The Wealthy Accountant blog. In these pages you will find many strategies to reduce your taxes, along with tips to build and keep wealth. I share stories of people who retired early and how they did it. You will also find plenty of information on growing a small business or side hustle. And how to live a happy and satisfying life.

We’ve recently upgraded the site a bit but we think you’ll find everything in the same place. And if you’re new here and are looking for financial independence or to retire early, here’s a great place to start.

Thank you for visiting.


Congress Keeps Passing Stealth Tax Increases: Secure Act

Future Value Calculator; Secure Act; IRA growth.

Congress has been getting better at hiding tax increases on the middle class the past decade or so. The Secure…


It Might be Time to Give up on the S Corporation

It Might be Time to Give up on the S Corporation

On a sunny spring weekend in Seattle nearly five years ago I attended a conference. In the audience was Pete…


Wasting Your Most Valuable Asset: Time

Wasting Your Most Valuable Asset: Time

Take the richest person on the planet alive today and compare this person with any other. Does the richest person…