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A Walk Around the Farm

Each of us have a worldview built on our personal experiences. There is no right or wrong in anyone’s worldview. The differences are what make life worth living. It is why we communicate. Life is interesting because we have endless opportunities to grow as we travel through each day.

Some of my favorite comments are: You write different. You run a tax office different than any other I’ve seen. Working for you is different from previous jobs. Your ideas on growing a business are so different. The key word is different. When people say I am different it means I am doing something outside the mainstream. Perhaps I am blazing new roads. Doubtfully. What I am really doing is practicing a task in a manner that makes sense to me based on my worldview.

Anyone haunting these posts knows my disdain for formal traveling. That makes me different again. I am getting better. By writing out my thoughts and communicating with people I respect I am discovering ways I might enjoy time away from home. And good thing. Mrs. Accountant would enjoy traveling more. What she sacrifices to be with me is beyond comprehension. The plan for a long road trip is still on. Mrs. Accountant wants to see Hawaii so bad it hurts. I think next summer or autumn will be the time we take the leap.

Before I start that part of my life I want to invite you into my home. It is autumn here in NE Wisconsin. It is the prettiest time of year. Instead of showing you the building where I eat and sleep, I will give you a tour of my farm. It should help you understand why I like home so much. There are lots of pictures. Enjoy.


Autumn on the farm is a special time. Pears, plums, peaches, and, of course, apples are harvested. The animals love fruit. We throw 5 gallon pails of apples to the chickens daily. They can’t get enough. When I had steers the windfall fruit never stood a chance. Steers love their sweets. I miss my boys.



Have you ever seen one of those nature documentaries where they use computer graphic to show how the Hawaiian island chain was formed? I have a version of that on my farm in the form of burning barrels.



Don’t tell Mrs. Accountant, but I have a flock of girlfriends in the barn.



This John Deere tractor first saw service during WWII. The starter is out and I need to fix it if I want to move it. The work never ends on a farm.



This is the back part of my pond. I am on a hill formed from the excess ground. To the left of the photo is a trail up the hill I run sprints on to build endurance.



Took an old box elder down. Still have more chainsaw work.



I had some of the last elm trees in the county until Dutch Elm Disease killed mine too. This is the last standing reminder of the once awesome elms gracing my farm.




There are three dwarf peach trees on my farm. I tell Mrs. Accountant and the girls there are no peaches yet. When I clip lawn I have a snack and feign innocence. I think they are on to me.



Not everything pretty is good to eat.



There is beauty everywhere I look on the farm.


The pond overflow exits here.



The cool evening air invades the Accountant farm. You are looking at a maze of hiking trails at sunset.



I sprint up this hill 20 or so times for a good workout.



More hiking trails.



Anyone up for a walk?



More trails. Now the big decision. Which way to go.



Walk or run, it is all the same. Each trail is an adventure.



Evidence deer have been this way.



The sun is going down, my friends. It is time for a fire pit and supper. Don’t be a stranger. Y’all come back now, ya hear.


There are plenty more photos. I am not the kind of man to sit still long. Here, on the farm, I find peace and tranquility. It is here where I can relax. Now you know why all I want to do is go home.

Enjoy your weekend, kind readers. May this photo journey help you relax and enjoy the world around you.


Saturday 22nd of October 2016

Road trip to Hawaii? No wonder you hate traveling ;)

Keith Schroeder

Saturday 22nd of October 2016

I used a period between the sentences, Todd. They are two separate trips. The leap I will take is the road trip and a trip to Hawaii. But you bring up a good point. I should never travel alone. I'd end up one of those crazy people wandering around, not knowing where they are. It is good to see my readers have a finely honed sense of humor. I love it!


Friday 21st of October 2016

Beautiful pictures! Being a city guy, I love any opportunity to spend time with nature. It reenergizes me. You're fortunate to have it year round.

Keith Schroeder

Friday 21st of October 2016

Yes, I am, JT. Any time I catch myself complaining I stop and reflect on how great life has been for me. Take every chance you get to live in nature.