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Everybody is Talking about the New Forum on The Wealthy Accountant

The ever talented Kevin Clack is at it again. He put together an awesome forum here on The Wealthy Accountant. Now you can share ideas, get help and help others with the most pressing problems in your life as you move toward financial independence and beyond. I can’t answer every question or meet every demand, but as a team we can solve anything. Don’t be afraid of subjects outside the tax and accounting field. I talk tax in maybe a third of the posts at most for a reason. Taxes are a fun hobby to keep more money in your pocket. But the important stuff is learning to live right, to live the good life. That is where we are all most valuable. Money is great; friends better.

Finding the right professional is easier than ever now that you have a resource on your favorite blog. (I wonder why they let me in the place. Hmmm.) Have fun and be nice. Kevin and I will moderate the forum in these early days. As traffic grows I will ask for a volunteer or two to keep peace in the forum. You never know when a Hummer driving, spendaholic will show up. I trust you guys can take care of any unruly guests.