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Small Business Payroll Services

It had to happen. Reading personal finance blogs finally paid off. Your side gig or business idea exploded to the upside. Maybe you decided it was time to hire a household employee (nanny or groundskeeper) or some extra help in your burgeoning business. 

Worse, you started reading this blog and finally pulled the trigger on your own accounting/tax firm. Now you have clients with payroll issues and you don’t want to spend the time or deal with the headaches of payroll. Your goal was a side hustle without the hassles of traditional employment.

You might have your own small business turning a tidy profit, but the taxes are killing you. You stumbled into this room and discovered there is another way, a way where you can earn the income and pay only a small portion in taxes.

Then you hear about this crazy accountant from Wisconsin promising to share his strategic alliances with readers only to discover he is a slacker. Until today.

There was more work involved than originally anticipated. It was all worth the effort. I have partnered with a major national payroll service with dedicated staff trained in my tax and wealth building philosophy.

You can do it yourself and take a chance you get it wrong; you will. Payroll has a lot of moving parts. Or you can cough up a hairball buying payroll software that is more expensive in many cases than hiring a professional team to do all the work for you. Time value of money, folks. Time value of money.

Don’t get me wrong. You can do it yourself correctly if you spend enough time at it. QuickBooks and similar software has made the complexities of payroll easier than ever. The problem is payroll is best handled by people who do it all day long and are on top of payroll law changes as they happen.

In my office I could not handle everything so I partnered with a professional payroll company I will introduce shortly. The transfer was smooth. My dedicated team turned workload into an additional resource.



ADP is the company I partnered with. I personally trained several members of my team inside this awesome payroll service company so they understand the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) community and what our goals and expectations are. My team understands maxing out retirement accounts and optimizing small businesses for the lowest taxes allowed by law. They also have an open link to my office so I can help businesses connected with this blog. No more worries about reasonable compensation or anything else payroll related. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire this same team? At a discount! And that is what I did. I have a lead at ADP, the largest payroll service in the nation, who will handle your personal payroll and even payroll for larger businesses, (and tax offices wanting to focus on tax only) with special discounts just for mentioning The Wealthy Accountant. This means your side gig tax prep firm doesn’t lose high fee clients with payroll because you don’t handle payroll. Problem solved; client retained!

The Wealthy Accountant and ADP partnership gives you top notch payroll service and support and a 20% discount. Click this banner or contact ADP by phone or email. Mention The Wealthy Accountant so you get your discount.

If you want to engage the same team at ADP I work with, call Erika Ramsay or email at Tell Erika you are from the Wealthy Accountant blog and you will receive special discounts based on your circumstances. (Payroll can vary between companies so work with Erika. She is awesome at getting you the best deal.)

As an added bonus, if you use Erika, you will also have my firm as a back office. I can review your situation with your approval. No more guessing if you are paying yourself correctly to pass IRS scrutiny. (This involves the LLC and S-corp issues for those wondering.)

Don’t worry if you live far from my office. I worked with ADP to extend our reach into every section of the country. A qualified rep from ADP near you will help you with your payroll needs. You do this all through Erika so she can orchestrate the process and contact me if there are any issues.

That’s it. No long winded post from yours truly today. Hard, honest, and straight to the point information. 


Note: Updated information will be provided on TWA Recommends page. Check there for any additional contact information


Saturday 13th of June 2020

Been considering the purchase of two HRB franchise offices, and while I am intrigued by the opportunity and long-term potential, I’m much more impressed by the example you’ve set and the suggestions you’re making.

John Tight

Friday 26th of July 2019

Businesses engage the services of a payroll service provider for several reasons, all of which are important. The reasons will differ for each company, as each company has its own unique circumstances.

jonathan clerk

Monday 8th of April 2019

So nice to see such a valuable write on outsourcing payroll processing. Really Appreciate your concern about the payroll management servicing.

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