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All the New Stuff at The Wealthy Accountant

Astute observers will have noticed the curtains around this blog look different lately. The much talked about redesign is complete. As you can see it has been implemented. As expected, a few bugs needed working out, hence, the purpose for this special, Sunday Edition, post.

Everything from before is still here with numerous additional features to help you find what you are searching for.

The Home Page is a clean landing page only with a beautiful picture of my puss. (Yeah, I know. It scares me too.) The latest six posts scroll half way down the page followed by the bragging board.

The Contact and Subscribe Buttons

There were a few problems with the subscribe, unsubscribe and contact button for a while. Those problems have been fixed. If you had a problem subscribing you should try again.

The Contact page had issues with timing out and then the contact never made it to my email. If you contacted me in the past week or so you might want to try again as the message might have said “Delivered” but never reached me.

Working with The Wealthy Accountant

The bottom of most pages throughout this blog has a variety of links, including the “Working with the Wealthy Accountant” link. It is a good idea to review this page periodically and especially before you try to contact me. This is a part of a growing process to handle the increasing traffic on this blog and the attending increase in demands to my office and me. Nobody wants to see me burnout and crash. I selectively accept new clients. If your project sounds interesting I may reply. Please note I receive dozens of requests per day (including weekends and holidays) and the number is growing. I take two consulting appointments per week only with regular clients getting preference. (I still handle minor consulting with regular clients as their needs arise.)

In the near future I will add a Media Kit with sample images you can use without permission.

New Archive

The Archive has been enhanced. Clicking the Archive button at the top of most pages takes you to the Master Archive where a short description is attached to each title. You can click the Master List to see the old style archive which has all posts on one page you can scroll through.

The Forum is still there and I encourage its use. This is where you can share ideas, find an accountant or offer your accounting services. Since I am one human being and have limited time to handle questions, the forum is an opportunity to interact with other wealthy accountants to get those questions answered.

Where Am I

The two most beneficial changes are the “Where Am I” and “TWA Recommends” buttons in the toolbar across the top of most pages.

The “Where Am I” feature is a calendar listing my upcoming public appearances. As I write this you will notice my time at FinCon in October and most of my January is in Florida teaching at Camp FI. As I started working with the calendar I am finding it helpful for clients to check if I am available. I try to add a short description of what I plan to focus on each day. It gives readers an opportunity to see my basic schedule. It also shows when I am taking time off to recharge and when I’m overworking (so you can send me nasty-grams telling me to slow down so I don’t burn out.)

TWA Recommends

“TWA Recommends” brings all the major ideas of this blog under one roof. Trying to remember the article on cost segregation studies? It’s on “TWA Recommends”. Some recommendations are affiliates which support my work. I’m not bashful about asking for a sale. If you shop on Amazon consider starting the process from this blog. It costs you nothing and offers a referral commission to The Wealthy Accountant. (Man’s gotta eat!)

The “TWA Recommends” page also has a nice feature to find a credit card matching your needs. Looking for a bonus? There is a link. Travel rewards? Link for that, too.

I tried to include everything recommended over the last few years. If you notice something I missed, shoot me a comment. I’ll get right on it.

Bonus Feature

The redesign includes many features invisible to the naked eye. These new features will be expanded as time goes on. The most important feature requires you to subscribe. Special meet-ups, opportunities and unpublished public appearances will only be available to subscribers. When I open my doors to new clients or consulting slots, subscribers will know first.

Final Pieces of House Cleaning

FinCon is fast approaching and has decided to open their doors to the general public, Friday, October 27 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Some of the biggest names in personal finance will be there. I will also be in attendance. This is the perfect time for people living in the Dallas area or those passing through the area to meet me and big names (David Bach, Farnoosh Torabi and Lynnette-Khalfani-Cox to name a few) of the industry. A networking party follows. You can sign up to attend by clicking here.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy the new Wealthy Accountant blog.




Sunday 24th of September 2017

Congrats on the redesign! I noticed the logo a few days ago but I know your inbox is full so didn't send a note - though it looks great. I'm actually about a roll out a redesign as well. Calendar feature is great. Makes me wish I had a personal assistant instead of simply a work one. Hope to see you at FinCon!

Lance Ulrich

Sunday 24th of September 2017

Hey Keith - I hit FI a year ago at age 48 and am struggling with tax optimization - Capital Gains Harvesting vs Roth Conversion Ladder vs Affordable Care Act subsidies, most of my income comes from a taxable Vanguard VTSAX/Bond account but I also have a ~$5k/yr side gig. I realize this probably wouldn't land in your wheelhouse but can you recommend a sophisticated tax preparer in the Denver area? Could I figure this out by running cases on

Thanks! Lance

Keith Schroeder

Sunday 24th of September 2017

When I find qualified tax professionals I hire them, Lance. I'd recommend using the Forum as a starting point. allows you to kick the tires before paying a cent. You can test different situations to see the results. You only pay when you file and if you qualify for free-file there is no fee.

Mrs. Picky Pincher

Sunday 24th of September 2017

Congrats on the redesign! It looks fierce. :)

Miss Mazuma

Sunday 24th of September 2017

The site looks greats. I may just have to steal that calendar idea - LOVE IT!! I am always looking to meet up with people on my overnights and that would be a handy way to do it. :)

Also, I will be seeing you at FinCon and Camp FI. Looking forward to both!