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Instant Way to Earn and Have More Money

There is a good reason why you have less money than you want.

For several years now I have worked with a local woman, consulting on taxes, work, debt, and money.

For all of that time she complained loudly about how unfair it was that other people made so much more than she did. The complaints were relentless. And, of course, she has money problems.

To be fair, her family income was below the national average and even the local average when we first met. She was bringing in okay money. Nothing to blow you away, but enough to live if you paid any attention at all to your finances. She has no minor children and owns her own home. Her cost of living is modest.

Still, she complained about how _________ makes more money and it isn’t fair!

Working with her for many years we were able to get her income up. So much so in fact that her family income is now in the top 25%!

And she is going broke faster than ever now.

One day when she was complaining about how much ________ makes I pointed out she makes more! She stopped and had a strange look on her face. I said, “Those people you have been complaining about since the day we met, you have become. You make more than 75% of the people in the country and don’t live in a high cost area of the country.”

She couldn’t wrap her mind around that. The complaining on the subject stopped because she looked stupid complaining about people “making so much” when she made more.

But a deeper problem still existed.

This woman had serious money problems when we met. There was even an argument (excuse) for why she had such a hole to crawl out of. Yet, as she earned more and more, her money problems got bigger and bigger!

In her defense, some of her debt was retired when she first saw her income increase. But then it happened. Daily and consistent small money decisions drove her back deeper into debt than ever before, to a point where she is so far in now she is having problems at home and at work. Money problems really do spill over into all relationships.

Which begs the question, why does someone end up digging a deeper hole when by all measures they should doing better financially?

My experience provides the answer.

Remember how I said she complained about people making more money? She really hated those people! Resented them. Now she is one!!!

She was angry for being poor, jealous somebody else had more, and became what she despised. She now hated herself!

“They” were the enemy. Now she was just like them. People, in her mind, had a reason to hate her. So she went to work subconsciously undermining her new financial success. She did the job so well she stands to lose everything, including her ability to earn the new level of income she has achieved; forget about moving to yet another higher income level.

It is vitally important to monitor the messages you send yourself. If we hate them, you are saying you want what they have (otherwise, why would you care?). But if you ever achieve that goal, you become what you hate. The conflicting messages to your brain causes every imaginable problem. What could possibly go wrong?

Tony Robbins Personal Power series made a powerful impact on my life. It is worth a listen.
Tony Robbins’ Personal Power series made a powerful impact on my life. It is worth a listen.

Tony Robbins Warned Us

There is no doubt in my mind that 90% of people have the amount of financial wealth they think they deserve. When things get too bad they kick on the burners and get back to where they belong. When thing gets too good, in their mind, they take steps to undermine their new success. And almost nobody notices they are doing it.

The young, old, and those with medical issues don’t fall into this neat framework. Maybe. We can undermine our health, too. We can use age or health as an excuse. When I say 90% I am being generous. The percentage is probably higher.

The first time I was exposed to this concept about our mind holding us back when things get too good came from Tony Robbins. Back in the 1990s I invested in his Personal Power tapes. Tony explained how we subconsciously kick on the afterburners when we think we are behind. He went on to explain the opposite happens, too. When our subconscious thinks we are doing a bit better than we deserve, POW!

As I listened to the tapes I realized the information was 100% true. I saw it in my own life and that of clients. The constant push for higher levels, followed by stupid mistakes pushing me back down, were familiar.

The trick, of course, is to retrain your subconscious to believe you deserve higher levels of wealth. It isn’t easy!

It is deeper than self-deprecation. When telling a joke it is better to use self-deprecation than to make someone else the butt of the joke. But in your private life and in your mind you must have a positive picture of yourself. A picture of a person deserving of rewards and wealths of all kind.

Pay attention! Not to people out there. To you! Take account of your thoughts. Notice when things get tight you get desperate and work hard to get your finances in better condition. But more important, pay attention when things are good. Notice your mindset when things are going great.

One bad decision, or lack of a decision, can turn the boat south. Think about it long and hard. Turn off all electronics, close your eyes, and focus. Go back and review past events that led to a worse financial situation. There is no doubt you will see the decision as an act of self-sabotage when viewed through the looking glass of time.

Once you discover your pattern you have power to change the cycle. Use the tricks your subconscious has used all the while to push higher. And heed the warning signs when your subconscious says, “Time to fail for a while. You don’t deserve so much.”

Breaking through to a new, higher level is powerful. This can become your new base, where your brain says, “You need to have more than this. Get going!”

Changing the picture in your mind is the only way to blast through old barriers holding you back.

Zig Ziglar Explained How We Can Have Anything We Want

Automobile University has been a fertile training ground for me. On the drive to work and back home, I listened to audiobooks, college courses, and motivational materials for many decades.

Today I spend my drive in silence, using the time to think and reflect. Yet in all those years of learning one thing stuck with me.

Zig Ziglar said what I consider one of the most profound statements ever. He said, “You can have anything you want as long as you help enough other people get what they want.”

The thing about books and college course is that one book or one course isn’t the beginning and end of your journey. What you learn in one book or course can be used with information learned in other books and courses.

It became obvious that if I wanted to break the barrier my subconscious placed on me I had to take radical steps. The same applies to the client at the opening of this article.

The best way to short circuit a habit is to break the pattern. Zig said that, too.

By helping others achieve their goals the self-imposed glass ceiling can be broken. While your mind is focused on helping others you blow right past old barriers, moving to new heights.

Unfortunately, my client doesn’t take well to my advice when it comes to helping others. Perhaps the real knowledge to glean from this is that helping others is the only real way to succeed. No matter how well you do financially, if you are in it for you and no one else, you probably live a miserable life. And as soon as your subconscious gets a hold of you, look out.

Call to Greatness

What others tell you does nowhere near the damage that you tell yourself. If you hate the person in the mirror you will harm that idiot/moron/low life.

The opposite is also true. If you respect yourself, even love yourself, you will treat “you” with respect. You must believe consciously and subconsciously that you deserve what you have and even more. If you don’t, things will slowly (and sometimes rapidly) begin to unravel.

And you will have no one to blame but yourself.

If you really want to break bad old habits and create powerful new habits, I recommend James Clear’s Atomic Habits.

Brian W

Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Thanks for the reminder that one's own mindset plays a huge part in how successful we become. I've read several of the books you mention throughout your writings, and they helped me to convince myself that I was capable and deserving of wealth. Your reminder helps me not to sabotage my success.