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Keith Taxguy, EA

Keith started his tax practice in 1982 and went full-time in 1989. An enrolled agent (licensed tax professional) since 1992, Keith has focuses on helping businesses and individuals pay the least amount of tax allowed by law.

What Ryan Holiday Taught Me When I Visited Him

This is the lesson Ryan Holiday taught in his article. He says he has calendar anorexia. He keeps plenty of open space on his calendar so he has time to create and think. He warns us to about people who want “just 15 minutes of your time.” In my profession we call this the “quick question.” And as every seasoned tax professional knows, quick questions do not have quick answers. And there goes another day, a day you never get back.

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Wasting Your Most Valuable Asset: Time

Take the richest person on the planet alive today and compare this person with any other. Does the richest person have more talent? Maybe. Inherit much of their money? Possibly. Compared to every parameter the richest person alive today might have an advantage over you, save one: time. Both you and the richest person alive have exactly the same amount of time every day. No one has an advantage. Or do they?

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The Art of a Meaningful Life

The message is clear: You do not need extraordinary luck. You already won the ovarian lottery, as Warren Buffett likes to say. You are alive, reading this. You already won. From here you can create a meaningful life. The tools for building that meaning and growing it to greater heights is gathered from those who have already found meaning in their life.

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