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Infinite Banking Concept Without Life Insurance

When people have infinite banking explained to them for the first time it seems like a magical and risk-free way to grow wealth. The idea of replacing the hated bank with borrowing from yourself makes so much more sense. But it does require replacing the “hated” bank for the “hated” insurance company.

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Worthless Crypto Tax Deduction

When a cryptocurrency becomes worthless it isn’t treated the same as a worthless security on a tax return. As an asset, it needs to be sold before a loss is allowed. There are two ways you can get a tax deduction for worthless and nearly worthless crypto. We will discuss both methods (sale of asset and abandonment) below and the associated risks.

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Is Ryan Holiday the Real Deal?

Multiple New York Times bestselling author, Ryan Holiday, is hard to miss. He brought Stoicism front and center with his books, Daily Stoic and Daily Dad emails. But is Ryan Holiday the real deal? Does he walk the talk? Does he live what he preaches? Does he practice the principles he teaches when interacting with the public? In private? And for some strange reason, people want to know Ryan Holiday’s net worth.

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