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The 3 Secrets to Being Rich

The 3 Secrets to Being Rich

Is there a secret to having financial wealth, to being rich? Is the secret to wealth complicated? And most important, is the secret something I…

Cash Management Tools for Small Business

Cash management accounts earn you money while waiting for expenses to come due.

Recently I was discussing business plans with a young business owner. She has just over a year under her belt and money is starting to…

Buying Tax Credits

Electricity is the future of energy. The Inflation Reduction Act has produced $1 trillion of tax credits you can buy at a discount.

When consulting with clients I hold nothing back. In the first session I lay out all the tax strategies I can in the time allotted.…

Right Time to Sell Your Home*

The right time to sell your home.

The home is often the largest hard asset people own. The right time to sell your home requires you to consideration several factors. Job relocation,…

The Perfect Timing: When is the Right Time to Sell Your Home?*

How you present your home can affect the selling price. A staging company can be well worth the investment.

Are you thinking about selling your home but unsure about the right timing? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Knowing when to sell your home can…

6 Times Renting is Cheaper vs Owning

Rent vs owning. There are 6 times renting is lower in cost than owning.

The battlelines have been draw and feelings are strong on each side of the issue. Some say renting is the lower cost route; and some…