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From the desk of the Wealthy Accountant

Be Irresponsible, Sometimes

You are not responsible for everyone. That is not responsibility. The responsible person says no more than yes. You should, too.

There was a time when I felt that if I had the ability to help someone I had an obligation to do so. I took…

Can You Fix the U.S. Government Deficit?

It isn't as easy as you think to fix the U.S. government deficit.

Ask Americans on the right and the left about the federal government deficit and virtually all will agree it is a huge problem. After blame…

60 Harsh Truths I Know at 60 I Wish I Knew at 30

At the eclipse with family. Life is good.

Today is my 60th birthday. Decades of experience has taught me some harsh truths I wish I knew when I was 30. Why not send…

5 Laws of Human Stupidity

The Basis Laws of Human Stupidity book.

We see stupidity while driving. People discussing religion or politics also get labeled as stupid if we don’t agree with them. In personal finance we…

Your Home is a Poor Investment

Owning your home is better financially than renting. Still, home ownership is a poor investment. Owning is the least of two evils since you do need a place to live.

All things equal, owning a home is cheaper than renting. Of course, all things are not equal. The income property owner can deduct more than…

Accounting Software Alternatives to QuickBooks

QuickBooks is not always the best choice for the small business owners when it comes to inventory management. Success often is determined by building the right accounting system.

Starting a business is filled with challenges. As your business grows more challenges appear. While you focus on your product, distractions temp you from your…