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From the desk of the Wealthy Accountant

Problem Solving Made Easy

Problem solving the fast and easy way with Occam's Razor.

Problems. Around every corner and when least expected problems rear their head. Problems solving, as a result, is one of the most useful skills anyone…

Is Paying Cash Illegal

Spending habits determine your level of financial wealth.

Sometimes when people pay cash they do so with a wink. I think they are sending the message that this will be unreported income and…

What to Do When There is No Clear Answer to Your Tax Question

The office manager is on vacation. The boss doesn't like the answer from the CPAs research. What could go wrong?

After your name, address, and Social Security number, the tax code can get muddy quickly. It’s not really that bad, but there are tremendous issues…

Instant Way to Earn and Have More Money


There is a good reason why you have less money than you want. For several years now I have worked with a local woman, consulting…

How to Avoid Poisonous Relationships

Poisonous relationships can be avoided when effort is placed on growing the relationship.

Poisonous relationships are the greatest danger your financial wealth will face. Toxic co-workers or employers affect your career path; toxic neighbors loathe your success and…

How to Stop Spending Too Much

Mountain of money.

What is the first thing you do when you get a promotion? Or only a raise? What about special events? What is your first order…