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Why You Don’t Want to Go Back in Time and Do It Over Again

Be minful every day. Your future depends on it

Owen Flanagan was on a quest to understand what it takes to live a good life. As he prepared an essay for the book How…

Idolizing People We Admire

Ryan Holiday. Idolizing people we admire.

In the 1980s and 1990s, when I was a much younger man, my wife and I attended numerous science fiction conventions. What appealed to me…

What is Wealth?

Happiness is built on wealth: physical, mental, spiritual and financial and health.

Wealth is often defined as having to do with money or finances. Such a narrow definition limits us to income, spending, investing, retirement and taxes.…

Take Back Your Life By Closing the Door

Take Back Your Life By Closing the Door

From the first days of my tax practice I have had an open door policy to clients and employees. This worked well when I had…

How to Write Off a Vacation as a Business Expense

How to Write Off a Vacation as a Business Expense

Is it possible to turn non-deductible personal travel expenses into tax deductible business travel expenses? Yes! You can deduct your vacation as a business expense.…

What Ryan Holiday Taught Me When I Visited Him

Ryan Holiday's Painted Porch Bookshop in Bastrop, Texas.

Some people teach best working face-to-face. Then there are those who teach volumes with broad messages that apply to everyone on a personal level. New…