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From the desk of the Wealthy Accountant

7 Jobs for Accountants Suffering Burnout

Burnout is the result of long-term stress you can't control. Take control by pivoting to a high-income career with low stress.

With four decades of tax practice under my belt I have seen a lot of successful people and even more not so successful. Accountants, more…

10 Things You Can’t Write Off on Your Taxes, Maybe

Things you didn't know you could deduct.

Four decades of practice in the tax field has revealed several patterns. Year after year clients ask if they can deduct items they can’t. Rarely…

Infinite Banking Concept Without Life Insurance

Infinite banking and alternatives that actually work.

When people have infinite banking explained to them for the first time it seems like a magical and risk-free way to grow wealth. The idea…

Cruise Ships and Other Travel Scams to Avoid

Our cruise ship, the Carnival Horizon, in port at Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. Beautiful walking weather and scenery. A great bar with light snacks at the top of a hill with an incredible view.

Before we start pointing out the scams and rip-offs on cruise ships and with other travel, we need to define what is and is not…

Should I Find a New Accountant?

Find a tax accountant near me.

After the turn of the year I decided to ask my followers on social media a simple question: What are some of your shareable financial…

Be True to Yourself

Chumbawamba remained true to their philosophy of standing up for the common man and anti-consumerism while still having fun. Their most important message? Be true to yourself.

Chumbawamba is a rock band that started with humble beginnings in 1982. Dedication to quality pushed their music to the front of the room coupled…