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Money Changes Everything

Money Changes Everything

Five years ago I started a project where I would publish a special page on this blog listing The 100 “Best” Books for a Financial…

Building a Consulting Business

Consulting with a current client is a powerful value-added service your clients want.

The Ugly American William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick published The Ugly American in 1958. This short novel tells the story of Homer Atkins, an…

Karen Carpenter: The Story of Success Gone Wrong

Karen Carpenter

The first time Karen Carpenter stood on the stage as the focal point and vocals of the performance she died. In the early 1960s Karen…

John B. Calhoun and the Future of Wealth

The future of wealth and money.

One of the most important studies ever conducted on human interactions with money, wealth, and retirement was undertaken in 1968 and it involved mice. John…

Hiring Your Children and Taxes

Child photographer. Children and taxes.

Hiring your children is a great way to teach work ethics, skills, and good money management habits. It is also a great tax deduction for…

Gas Station Scam: Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip gas station, Chilton, Wisconsin

Last summer I enjoyed a road trip down the spine of America, visiting clients and FIRE meetings along the way. A few months later my…