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Do-It-Yourself Tax Preparation

Have you ever wanted to prepare your own tax return using commercial grade software instead of a scaled down consumer version? Now you can.

Now you can use the same tax software used in over 80,000 tax offices around America, including the offices of The Wealthy Accountant!

DIY Tax Preparation just got easier (and lower cost)

TurboTax, TaxCut, and other online DIY tax software continues to climb in price each year. In many cases their fees are as much or more than if you just hired a tax professional to do it for you. The professional help the other guys offer is expensive and frequently poor quality advice.

The Wealthy Accountant, Drake Software and are working together to give you the best and lowest cost self preparation tax software on the market. As part of this collaboration the fee for preparing your own tax return is a flat $25 and includes as many states as you need at no additional cost.

Diagnostics help you find extra deductions. Notes help you prepare an accurate tax return with the lowest tax legally.

Use the link below to prepare your tax return today using the same software I use in my tax office.

(Disclosure: This special offer is only available through this blog and is an affiliate of Tax Prep & Accounting Services, Inc., my tax firm. I feel it is fair you know this. If you have any questions let me know.)

DIY Tax Preparation – click here.

If you discover that you have a complex tax situation where a professional would be advised, you can turn to the “Tax Pro Near Me” page for additional help.

Some tax issues require professional help for a single tax year before you can start preparing your return on your own again. In some instances you may have a continuing complex tax issue that requires professional help.

For most people, however, DIY is a reasonable way to file your taxes. Keeping your cost low is a priority or it is better to hire a pro to do all the work for you. At $25, this software is arguably the best DIY tax software on the market.

Low cost, high quality tax software has never been easier to access.

Discover the ease of filing your taxes with software tax professionals all over America turn to.

You can enter your data and review your results at no cost. Only when you are satisfied with the product are you asked to pay $25. You can then efile your return, print, and/or download a copy for your records.

Your information will automatically populate from one year to the next making filing your tax return in future years even easier than the first time here. The tax software AI will automatically build part of your tax return for maximum tax efficiency. You add the new tax information and file. Fast and simple.

See what the powerful collaboration between The Wealthy Accountant, Drake Software, and can do you you. Discover why more independent tax offices all over America choose Drake Software and

Let’s take the pain and expense out of filing your taxes. No more over priced tax software. No more overpriced tax help that often is worse than no help at all.

File your tax return this year with The Wealthy Accountant. You will want to share this with family and friends when you see how easy and painless filing your taxes can be. The ease of use and tools to lower your taxes will get your started; the low cast will keep you coming back.

Time to switch to a better way to file your tax return.