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Why I’m Getting Rid of My Mad Money Investment Account

One of the first things I did once I reached the age of majority was open a brokerage account where I could buy stocks and other investments based on my research. Shortly thereafter I discovered the ease of mutual fund investing.
I never made the mistake of excessive trading or buying a “hot” stock I heard about at the local pub. I tended to stick with local, regional or very large companies. I choose local and regional companies regardless of size because I could jump in the car and easily visit them. These smaller companies rarely had investors (or a potential investor) show up at their doorstep. But I did.
Big companies thrilled me because they also had a history of increasing dividends (at least the ones I bought). Big companies can weather an economic downturn better and have more resources. However, the big companies were also slow in responding to a changing environment.
Periodically I dipped into bonds in a minor way with my mad money account. I can’t recall ever owning a bond mutual fund. When it came to bonds, though, I never hung around for long.
Another advantage of a mad money account is the ability to

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Are Penny Stocks a Serious Investment?

Large international public corporations aren’t the only game in town. There is another world fraught with many risks and the promise of undiscovered gems worth many multiples of its listed price.

These quasi-public companies are followed by virtually no one. Worse, audited financial data is hard to find if available at all. And the biggest problem of all: insider trading.

People commonly call these unique animals penny stocks. They don’t always trade for pennies, but frequently trade under $5 per share.

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The Real Reason the Stock Market is Going Up

After nine years of steady growth in the economy and stock market both indicators have taken a sharp turn north. Economic stimulus in the form of tax cuts in an already good economy holds the possibility of destabilizing the whole economic structure.

There is ample concern over the staying power of the advancing stock market. Valuations are at or near record highs in all measures. All news seems to be good news. Predictions for future gains have reached nosebleed territory.

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Signs It Is Time to Sell an Investment: The Unfolding Lending Club Fiasco

I started investing in Prosper, the micro-lending platform where you can invest as little as $25 on a loan, back in June 2012. By investing a small portion in a large number of loans risk is spread out; no one loan going bad has an outsized effect on performance. I started withdrawing money after the returns plummeted after changes were made to the platform. Because it takes time to collect payments from loans held, it is an illiquid investment. My original investment of $13,400 is still worth $979 after withdrawing $15,430. Not great, but not bad either.

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