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This is What Happens When You Start a Business After a Career Setback

People who suffer a setback and start a business have no choice but to look forward instead of backward. As Sallie Krawcheck explains, “There was a freedom in being forced to stand on my own two feet, even if it involved getting knocked off them first.”

The freedom of forging your own path, controlling your own destiny, and making your own success is what draws so many people who experience a career setback to start their own business.

Of course, your past is what makes you who you are today, but you cannot dwell on the past if you want to get ahead. You have to let go of your self-doubt and fear if you are going to make it as a new small business owner. One way to make sure you look forward is to go in a new direction with your business; try starting a business that aligns with your passion rather than one that aligns with your former career.

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Bridge Careers

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Final Mission” Captain Picard speaks fondly of the groundskeeper from his days at the Academy. Boothby, the groundskeeper, left a lasting impression on the captain, teaching him what life is really about as he called Boothby one of the wisest men he ever knew. Captain Picard learned at an early age the greatest lessons in life are frequently taught by the most unassuming people outside the classroom. Boothby understood people better than anyone as he witnessed young men and women embark on their career and was willing to share his insights.

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Super Charge Early Retirement with a Slash Career

Gone are the days of lifetime careers. Today we think of multiple income streams as our safety net. Job security is an illusion. Accountants become farmers or bloggers on the side; plumbers become landlords; police officers offer fitness training on the weekend. Today we live in the world of slash careers.

Empowerment comes from educating ourselves in multiple disciplines. The accountant/blogger brings experience from the slash career back to her office providing clients with a better understanding of their personal tax and accounting needs.

So what is a slash? A slash is a professional person with mixed identity. Therefore, the professional can be an accountant slash blogger. People cannot settle on a single career path as safety nets disappear. Families cannot count on the government as their sole source of survival when things head south. The new paradigm has created mixed professionals with skills and experience crossing professional fields. Sometimes there is a correlation between the professions, but it is not necessary.

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