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Why I’m Getting Rid of My Mad Money Investment Account

One of the first things I did once I reached the age of majority was open a brokerage account where I could buy stocks and other investments based on my research. Shortly thereafter I discovered the ease of mutual fund investing.
I never made the mistake of excessive trading or buying a “hot” stock I heard about at the local pub. I tended to stick with local, regional or very large companies. I choose local and regional companies regardless of size because I could jump in the car and easily visit them. These smaller companies rarely had investors (or a potential investor) show up at their doorstep. But I did.
Big companies thrilled me because they also had a history of increasing dividends (at least the ones I bought). Big companies can weather an economic downturn better and have more resources. However, the big companies were also slow in responding to a changing environment.
Periodically I dipped into bonds in a minor way with my mad money account. I can’t recall ever owning a bond mutual fund. When it came to bonds, though, I never hung around for long.
Another advantage of a mad money account is the ability to

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Marriage and Money: Finding the Perfect Mate

From the outside it can look easy. Watching a couple together for 30 years and still madly in love is something everyone can enjoy and learn from. We forget the ride from when they met to this very day where they are still together wasn’t a smooth one. Life intervened. Money problems arose, fights broke out, angry words were uttered and myriad other problems interjected into the relationship.

Mrs. Accountant and I are such a couple. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary earlier this year. Some people like to throw a party as they reach anniversary milestones. Mrs. A and I prefer a more solitude ceremony of two. We share stories and wondered what we did that was so special we would beat the odds.

Both of us came from poor, lower middle-class backgrounds. Mrs. A had a small car loan when we met and a modest balance in the bank. I was starting to make headway, but money was tight. I say this with a brave face. It’s easy to forget how hard we had to work to build our wealth and maintain a stable relationship.

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