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Why I’m Getting Rid of My Mad Money Investment Account

One of the first things I did once I reached the age of majority was open a brokerage account where I could buy stocks and other investments based on my research. Shortly thereafter I discovered the ease of mutual fund investing.
I never made the mistake of excessive trading or buying a “hot” stock I heard about at the local pub. I tended to stick with local, regional or very large companies. I choose local and regional companies regardless of size because I could jump in the car and easily visit them. These smaller companies rarely had investors (or a potential investor) show up at their doorstep. But I did.
Big companies thrilled me because they also had a history of increasing dividends (at least the ones I bought). Big companies can weather an economic downturn better and have more resources. However, the big companies were also slow in responding to a changing environment.
Periodically I dipped into bonds in a minor way with my mad money account. I can’t recall ever owning a bond mutual fund. When it came to bonds, though, I never hung around for long.
Another advantage of a mad money account is the ability to

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